General Information

Plasma Cutting Table

The flagship of the fleet: Shop Sabre Sidekick, Customized by Real Mechanical, Inc.
In the office:
(2) Microsoft Windows Based Computers running BobCad24, WinCNC, and Adobe Illustrator.

Plasma in action!

Did you know?

The plasma cutting system we use allows for a full sheet of material, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Thats a full 48" x 96", covering 32 square feet. can cut aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel and stainless steel. can cut materials up to 1/2" thick. Our machine is an industrial strength plasma system paired with a computerized table that allows for tight tolerances down to a few thousands.

Steel Talking Points

What is Mild Steel?
Mild steel contains 0.16–0.29% carbon, and comes in a variety of sizes.  At OregonCNC we prefer to use PO (pickled and oiled), which is hot rolled, but instantaneously protected from rusting by receiving a bath of pickle juice, followed by an oil bath.  The resultant product is cleaner, and more attractive than normal hot rolled steel, which has a high content of scale on the surface.  On the other end of the spectrum is cold rolled steel.  Cold rolled steel is processed below the re-crystallization point of iron, versus the hot rolled, which is rolled above the temperature of re-crystallization.  99% of the stock at a steel yard is hot rolled, cold rolled steel is only special order due to the ease of oxidation.  To learn more, visit

Computer Lingo

What are Vector Images?
Vector images use mathematical equations to define each component of an image. This allows vector images to retain their high-quality at any size. When possible, use vector graphics created in a desktop publishing program.
What are Raster Images?
A raster image is composed of a collection of tiny dots called pixels. When these pixels are small, and placed close together, they fool the eye into forming a single image. Raster images work well when subtle gradations of color are necessary. Because they contain a fixed number of pixels, a major disadvantage of raster images is that their quality suffers when they are enlarged or otherwise transformed. They are also large in file size.

Upload Procedures

For proper procurement of drawings:
Currently our main drafting software is Bobcad v24
Most favored method for file transfer is to send the following file format for review:
 .dxf (drawing exchange format). 
.dwg (Autocad)
.sldprt (Solidworks)
.3dm (Rhinocad)
.x_t and .x_b (Parasolid)


Flamed Patina

The Process of Flame
Its more than taking just a torch to metal. At we are constantly trying-experimenting with chemicals and different acids along with varying temperatures to achieve a "special" look. Adjusting tip sizes, gas mixtures, and oven temperatures all have different outcomes of which we study, document, and therefore recreate with a great success. Each item produced in the Flame Department has unique characteristics of its own, producing a slight variance from others. No two are alike; art never should be copied exactly. Art should be protected, that is why uses a special clear coat that prevents UV damage and helps protect against the elements

Hand Painting

Professional Paints and a Professional Painter believes in only high quality materials, paints, and people. Before the plasma machine is ever turned on, we ensure the materials meet our stringent requirements: free from scratches, grime, kinks and oxidation. After the plasma cut, the metal then goes into a cleaning process that ensures the following paint will bind and etch properly into the sub-surface of the metal. uses only the highest quality American Made paints and primers. Not only do we implore high quality materials, craftsmanship and ingenuity we believe in a high quality environment in which we work and live.


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